Transforming TPRM:
The Power of Cyber Risk Intelligence in
the Energy Sector

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Safeguarding critical infrastructure has never been more crucial. In an increasingly interconnected world, the threats we face have evolved, and the need for vigilance has reached an all-time high. Geopolitical tensions, nation-state actors, and cyberattacks are converging to create a perfect storm of danger.  

🌐 The New Frontier of Threats 

Cybercriminals are setting their sights on our lifeblood: electric-power utilities, gas companies, and energy resource organizations. Their motives? To disrupt daily life and reap financial gains. The year 2022 served as an alarming wake-up call, setting a record for cyber attacks on the energy sector. With utilities striving to enhance efficiency, reliability, demand response, and load management, our digital systems are progressively becoming more vulnerable due to their growing interconnectivity. 

🛡️ Transforming the Way We Protect

In the face of these escalating threats, cybersecurity leaders must rise to the challenge. It's time to transform how we manage vendor risk, adapt to the changing landscape, and secure the future of our critical infrastructure. 

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