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    Enterprises and third parties identify the most critical areas of risk and can apply advanced analytics to generate risk-based mitigation insights
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    The CyberGRX Exchange significantly reduces costs by eliminating waste in today's third-party programs
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    Complete one digital CyberGRX assessment and use the CyberGRX Exchange to share with your ecosystem
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Customer Success Stories

Adam Fletcher
"CyberGRX is a force multiplier for our third-party cyber risk management program. In just the first year we will be able to assess 5x more vendors than we assessed last year and reallocate the resources saved to true risk management and mitigation efforts."

Adam Fletcher, CISO of Blackstone


“The support and ongoing collaboration we’ve received from CyberGRX and their customer success team has been extremely responsive and helpful. It has truly changed the way we assess vendors and manage third-party risks. Our executive team is impressed by their innovative third-party risk management approach, and we are excited to be a part of their Exchange.”


Kelly Lutinksi, Director of Enterprise Risk Management, Pinnacol

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