The most cost-effective way to identify, prioritize and reduce

third-party risk

The market's first cyber global risk exchange

CyberGRX enables the industry to re-think the customer and third party relationship through a third- party cyber risk information exchange. Whether you are an enterprise, a third party or both, the CyberGRX Exchange streamlines your third-party program by providing risk assessments as a service on top of an end-to-end third party analytics platform.
  • Identify Risks

    Enterprises and third parties identify the most critical areas of risk and can apply advanced analytics to generate risk-based mitigation insights
  • Reduce Cost

    The CyberGRX Exchange significantly reduces costs by eliminating waste in today's third-party programs
  • Scale

    Complete one digital CyberGRX assessment and use the CyberGRX Exchange to share with your ecosystem
Laptop showing the CyberGRX Exchange Dashboard

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