Manage Risk with Data Intelligence: A revolutionary approach to third-party cyber risk management

Waiting on third-party assessments is a thing of the past. With CyberGRX’s Predictive Risk Profiles, you can immediately access predicted results for every third party in your ecosystem.


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Join us for a demo of our new Predictive Risk Profiles and learn how these unique insights, created by applying sophisticated machine learning to the standardized dataset that makes up our third-party cyber risk Exchange, allow you to monitor and analyze your third-party risk through the lens that matters most to you. 

With Predictive Risk Profiles, you’ll be able to:
  • Immediately see assessment results for every third party in your ecosystem, shifting valuable time and resources to analyzing data and remediating risk
  • View controls gaps in relation to real-world attacks and necessary frameworks to understand where your critical and high risks reside
  • Gain valuable insights into your entire risk posture to aid in decision making
  • Manage your own Predictive Risk Profile to see how you are seen as a third party to your own customers