Feature On-Demand Demo: SolarGate MITRE Threat Profile 


Join us for a brief feature demonstration showing how our new SolarGate MITRE® Threat Profile identifies whether your third parties could have been impacted by the breach and pinpoint which controls they need to mitigate in order to reduce your exposure.

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SolarWinds may be the largest supply chain breach, but it’s not the first major supply chain attack leading to major seismic financial and reputational costs.

Join us for a brief feature demonstration and learn:

  • How CyberGRX’s SolarGate MITRE® Threat Profile categorizes gaps based on business structure and industry 
  • The ways this feature enables customers and vendors across multiple industries to get visibility and prevent and halt future threats
  • How the tool visualizes associated attack methods and prioritizes critical controls for remediation
  • ...and more

If you'd like a more detailed look at the CyberGRX MITRE Threat Profile, check out our blog breaking down the SolarGate breach and the controls directly tied into this breach