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How the Third-Party Cyber Risk Management Industry Went From Reactive to Proactive

Cyberattacks on third parties have been increasing and evolving in the last few years. However, the approach to managing third-party cyber risk has largely stayed the same. As companies rely on third parties to meet their business goals, the need for visibility and insights into their risks grows daily. This requires a shift from a reactive, assessment-focused approach to one with more proactive, data-driven decisions. With more work to be done and fewer people to do it, what’s a CISO to do?
Hear from leading experts in the field to understand:
  • What are the biggest challenges the industry faces
  • What new approaches and technologies are most exciting to them
  • How do they talk to CEOs and Board Members to effectively convey the risk and needs
adamFletcher Adam Fletcher
Chief Information Security Officer - Blackstone Group

Bruce Schneier
Internationally Renowned Security Technologist

DaveStapleton Dave Stapleton
Chief Information Security Officer - CyberGRX
chrisSteffen Chris Steffen
Research Director - Enterprise Management Associates