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Third-Party Cyber Risk Management For Dummies: Communicating the Importance of TPCRM

Get ready for the second event in this 4 webinar series with a deep dive into Chapter 2: Communicating the Importance of TPCRM



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When it comes to moving a business forward, the time inevitably comes when you need to implement new tools and processes to get things accomplished, and sometimes it takes a little convincing to get others on board with the direction you want to move in.

From the CEO and CISO to the board of directors and other stakeholder departments, it’s imperative that you know how to communicate the benefits of having a third-party cyber risk management (TPCRM) strategy in the languages each unique stakeholder speaks.

In this adaptation of Chapter 2 from the guide,  join CyberGRX CEO Fred Kneip and Chris McFarland, VP & CISO at Abercrombie & Fitch Co. as they discuss things like:

  • How to have important conversations about the need for a comprehensive third-party cyber risk management strategy.
  • What are some of the risks associated with maintaining the status quo?
  • Steps to take to ensure you have buy-in from the very first conversations through to the implementation and maintenance of the TPCRM solution.