Upcoming Webinar:

Third-Party Cyber Risk Management for Dummies: Tackling the Traditional Approach to TPCRM 

May 19th, 11-12pm MST 

Join us for the 3rd of our 4 part webinar series with a deep dive into Chapter 3: Tackling the Traditional (and Outdated) Approach to TPCRM 


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The TPCRM revolution continues with the third in our 4-part webinar series with a focus on Chapter 3: Tackling the Traditional (and Outdated) Approach to TPCRM.

Join CyberGRX CEO Fred Kneip and a guest speaker as they continue this 4-part webinar series covering all chapters from the recently released guide, Third-Party Cyber Risk Management For Dummies.

In this adaptation of Chapter 3 from this definitive guide, you’ll hear from leading experts in the field as they discuss things like:
  • Is the current approach to third-party cyber risk management broken?
  • Are assessments effective in accomplishing the desired goal of managing risk effectively?
  • How can teams better access and analyze third-party cyber risk data at scale so that they can act quickly and effectively to reduce their risk?