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Security Assessments: Waste of Time or Worth It?



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We’re in Q4– it’s game on. SaaS providers and vendors are cranking up the sales volume in anticipation of finishing the year strong, while customer risk and procurement teams are working overtime to handle the influx of evaluation requests. 

The reality is third-party security assessments take hours to complete and many more to analyze. And, when you consider that an assessment is self-attested information subject to human error and unintentional oversight, should organizations be making risk management decisions based on questionnaire data? 

Watch as we debate the question, are security assessments worth it or a waste of time in a this webcast. 

Debating the topic are:

  • David Wilson, Director, Compliance Assurance ACI Worldwide
  • Denise Flory, Director, Cybersecurity Risk Verizon
  • Peter Finter, moderator, CyberGRX